K Magnifier
[unix name : kmag]

Welcome to the homepage of K Magnifier.

What is KMagnifier?
KMagnifier (or kmag, its unix name) is a small utility for Linux to magnify a part of the screen. It was initially written for KDE 1, before becoming dormant. The development was then picked up by me and KMagnifier got its new life. It is currently being maintained/developed actively.
KMagnifier is very useful for people with visual disabilities and for those working in the fields of image analysis, web development etc. If you are using kmag, and would like to share the reason why you use kmag, please drop me an email. This website and related stuff (CVS etc.) is hosted on sourceforge. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the kind people at sourceforge and VALinux for their great contribution towards the development of open source software.

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Want to contribute?
If you are interested in contributing to KMagnifier, you are more than welcome! Send in your patches or subscribe to the kmag-devel mailing list today. Also, don't forget to checkout the Roadmap/TODO page and the TODO file that comes with the sources.

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CVS access is here.
Mailing list info is here.
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